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Bernardo García Tapia (1959) and Fernando Pardo Calvo (1959) obtained their degrees (BGT 1983-84 qualification: notable. FPC 1983-84 qualification: matrícula de honor, first of his promotion) as architects in the ETSAM of Madrid establishing a joint studio in 1998, after an individual professional career.

From its foundation, the studio has been supported by architectural competitions as a way of expression, experimentation and professional development.

Cultural Architecture

Some of the project we have developed are: Malaga Museum a renovation project of the Aduana Palace of Malaga into the Archeological and Fine Arts Museum, reconditioning and extension works; International competition for the extension works of the Prado Museum. Madrid. 3rd phase (1.998 finalist project); International competition for the edification of the Egyptian Archeological Museum, Cairo, Egypt (2003 Special Honor Mention Award); Archeological Museum in Oviedo, Recondition and Extension work. Greco Museum in Toledo, recondition, extension work and museography; Building site for the Historic Memory Documental Center of Salamanca, reconditioning.


Public Healthcare Architecture

Some of the projects developed in the studio include: High-Performance Hospital Center CHAR Sierra Segura in Jaén. Virgen de la Salud Hospital in Toledo, recondition and extension Works. Project of the Álvarez Buylla Hospital in Mieres, Asturias. Valle del Nalón Hospital, recondition and extension works, in Langreo, Asturias. University Clinical Hospital in Valladolid, reconditioning and extension works. Edification of the Health Centers as Zone VI Albacete, San Fernando in Badajoz, Dr. Tamames in Coslada, Valdebernardo in Madrid, The Alperchines in San Fernando de Henares.


Health Partnership Concessionaires

Infanta Sofía Hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. Edification of the New Burgos Hospital.


Public Administration Architecture

Some of the projects include the International competition for the Santa Marinella Town Hall. Italy (2004 2nd prize); Competition for he New Vallehermoso Stadium in Madrid (2007, Honor Mention); Competition for the Casa de las Artes in Cadiz (2004 Honor Mention); New Administrative Site for the Health Service of Castilla La Mancha SESCAM in Toledo; Immigration Office in Alcobendas, Madrid; Employment Central Office in Gijón, Asturias; Health Council Offices in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid.